Making the universe a better place, one tech problem at a time.

Welcome to the U.S.S. Archimedes, a unique, prototypical engineering variant of the Prometheus class. As such, the Archimedes has all the hallmarks of the Prometheus class (regenerative shielding, ablative hull armour and, of course, the multi-vector assault mode), plus a little bit extra. We've scrapped the marine division and the Starfighters to make room for more labs, perfect for all the scientists and engineers out there.

The Archimedes is part of a specialized division of Starfleet known as the SCE, or, Starfleet Corps of Engineering. So if you're looking for a sim with a focus on science and technology, you're in the right place! The Starfleet Corps of Engineers are renowned throughout the galaxy as individuals with brilliant minds and exceptional skill in the creation, manipulation and maintenance of technology. If you feel as though you fit the bill, have a look around...

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Latest News Items

» Join me in Welcome

Posted on Tue Jan 6th, 2015 @ 8:49am by Captain Ariel Ostheimer in General News

Happy new year, everyone! I hope the holidays has left you all rested and rearing to go for a new year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome aboard Lieutenant JG Christian Barrett, our new Chief Operations Officer!

*cheering, confetti canon goes off*

You'll be drawn into the fun chaos that is the Archimedes soon enough. Welcome aboard, and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Cap'n Ari

» Overlapping Roles

Posted on Sat Oct 25th, 2014 @ 4:25pm by Captain Ariel Ostheimer in General News

Hello, all!

I've noticed that there have been some confusion of late regarding some elements of this mission. Specifically, confusion in terms of what the specific duties are of any given officer, and why, in some cases, one task is tackled by two different officers with two different (yet similar) roles.

Allow me to explain a few things:

Firstly, Whenever I make a plot I take every effort to include everyone in it, in some way, shape, or form. I don't want anyone to be left out of anything. Thus, to allow everyone to play a part, I sometimes have to place individuals in a situation where they might not usually be, or place two individuals with similar roles in the same situation, adding some redundancies.

I realize now that in doing so, I've probably stepped on a few toes. For this apologize, and I will make every effort to make the roles more distinct from now on. (Obviously in some cases it'll probably be inescapable. For example, an operations officer will almost always be working in tandem with engineering, because the two fields are so closely linked.)

All the same, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is happy. Is it impossible for me to do this? Perhaps. But I will, none the less, at all times, strive to achieve this. So, if you have any concerns, or anything you'd like to add/amend, let me know. I'm here to help.


Cap'n Ari

» New Wiki pages

Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 2:14pm by Lieutenant Zamiel ch'Anidem M.D. in General News

In my off time, I have been creating new Wiki pages. These pages are designed to have a brief history and usage information on the various technologies and equipment used by Starfleet. The hope of these pages are to have all of us more familiar with what type of clothing or equipment is at our characters disposal. Please feel free to comment or send me a PM if you want to help me set more like wiki pages up.

-Sami aka Lieutenant Doctor Zamiel ch'Anidem

» Cbox is Live

Posted on Wed Oct 22nd, 2014 @ 4:45pm by Captain Ariel Ostheimer in General News

So, if you look at the main menu above, you'll notice the 'Mess Hall'. This will link you to a chat box specific for the site. Here you can discuss plot ideas with everyone else, without having to start 'mission posts'. It will also allow for everyone to contribute ideas and the like, and have general discussions.

I've been seeing a lot of chatter happening as OOC tags at the bottom of posts. Soo, here's a way for everyone to talk together. ^_^

Have at it!

-- Cap'n Ari

» Some Housekeeping

Posted on Thu Oct 16th, 2014 @ 6:26pm by Captain Ariel Ostheimer in General News

Hello, all~!

First: I want to comment on the sudden BOOM in activity on the ship. LOVING IT. I've started school again and can barely keep up, there's so much of it (and I assure you that this is a VERY GOOD THING!). Thank you all for everything you're doing. The plot is made so much richer through your collective contributions.

Second: I have already (!) received a few award nominations (awesome, awesome!), nominating your fellows for various things. Keep 'em coming! Just to let you all know, however, I usually post all awards and promotions at the end of the mission. Promotions are all done IC , (through a JP with Ari), while awards are given out OOC (usually). So, just to let you all know that I have indeed seen them, I just probably won't be announcing anything until the end of this mission arc. However, if I continue to get a significant volume of nominations, then I'll post up some awards early (at the end of this month, or at the beginning of the next).

Third: I am still open to suggestions regarding personal plot arcs occurring within this current mission. I have it all, more or less, hashed out, but, I'd like to get in something special for everyone, (NPCs included).

Also, if you've already spoken to me regarding the above, but you want to adjust/change your plans (or you just want to remind me again), let me know!

That's all for now.


Commander (*cough*, correction: Captain!) Ari

Latest Mission Posts

» Taking a Breath

Mission: Frozen Fractals
Posted on Wed Jan 21st, 2015 @ 5:23pm by Captain Ariel Ostheimer & Lieutenant Ka'Tock


Once everyone had left, Ari sighed, pushing her chair back far enough so that she could lean back properly and prop her feet up on the briefing room desk.

"Ridiculous," she murmured softly. "It's like I insulted some deity at some point, one who's making it their personal mission…

» Tech-q-nology [PART III]

Mission: Frozen Fractals
Posted on Tue Jan 20th, 2015 @ 12:06pm by Ensign Samuel Harper & Lieutenant Vien Hadren & Lieutenant Corbin Drake & Lieutenant JG Rachel Singer & Ensign Reyn Blythe & Q


Vien snorted. "Fitting. Though I suppose I should get to work on that deflector and tractor beam."

An engineer came up to Vien and said, "Sir, most of the repairs are done, but gravitational harmonics are giving us trouble on Deck 19."

Vien frowned. "What kind of trouble?"


» Tech-q-nology [PART II]

Mission: Frozen Fractals
Posted on Tue Jan 20th, 2015 @ 12:05pm by Ensign Reyn Blythe & Q & Lieutenant Vien Hadren & Ensign Samuel Harper & Lieutenant Corbin Drake & Lieutenant JG Rachel Singer


Rachel had moved to the side. Her job here wasn't to understand what was going on. It was to keep an eye on Q and keep him out of trouble. She really didn't pay attention to what was being said just to what Q was doing and where he…

» Tech-q-nology [PART I]

Mission: Frozen Fractals
Posted on Tue Jan 20th, 2015 @ 12:04pm by Ensign Reyn Blythe & Q & Lieutenant Vien Hadren & Ensign Samuel Harper & Lieutenant Corbin Drake & Lieutenant JG Rachel Singer


"Well, that could've gone better," Q thought to himself as he, more or less, escaped from sickbay. At least his scans were done. Hopefully these people would trust him that he was, indeed, the person who he said he was. He cast a glance over his shoulder at his…

» Security mental health

Mission: Frozen Fractals
Posted on Thu Jan 15th, 2015 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant Kara Deloia & Lieutenant Ka'Tock

Kara headed to Ka'Tocks office curious as to why he had called her and even more curious when Cassie passed her on the way out. Knocking she entered as she called out "Ka'Tock?"

"Open Door policy." Ka'Tock was just making some notes in his PADD when Kara arrived, he could…

Latest Personal Logs

» Questions

Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Joran Suder

Joran sat down at his computer in the silent darkness of his quarters. Kestra had been asleep for nearly an hour and the twins had been down for a little longer. It had been a very long day full of frustrations and the only way Joran knew to ease them…

» Rocking my world

Posted on Sun Aug 17th, 2014 @ 4:22pm by Lieutenant Kara Deloia

Security Officers personal log star date: 910817.12

I've just returned from a surprise summons to my grandmother's home on Betazed. What she said to me was far more startling and disturbing than the fact that she summoned me in secrecy. When I reached Medisea, I was immediately sequestered from the…

» Chief Medical Officer's Log

Posted on Thu May 1st, 2014 @ 12:12pm by Lieutenant Zamiel ch'Anidem M.D.

Chief Medical Officer's Log:

I have officially accepted my role as the new CMO of the USS Archimedes. Upon my entrance it seems that the crew had just finished a rough first contact with an energy being. What I have heard is that it took over all of the holo-emitters…

» Primer: Kessh race

Posted on Wed Aug 8th, 2012 @ 10:06pm by Crewman Bill

(The following is suggested reading for any Starfleet officer taking on the Kessh collective-entity known as "Bill" as a member of their crew. It is a succinct collection of freely available information on this relatively newly discovered race.

-Captain S. Reynaud, USS Kindjal, 2389)

The Kessh are a singular harmonious…